Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation

Efeca offer in-depth monitoring and evaluation services, utilising our wide-ranging experience in a variety of commodities including palm oil, coffee, timber, pulp and paper, sugar, tea, cocoa and carbon. We offer market analysis, monitoring, reporting, data verification and socio-economic impact assessments to provide evaluation and recommendations to increase the effectiveness of future activities.

Over a 6 month period, Efeca worked with 7 in-country sub-consultants to undertake the Final Evaluation of CIFOR’s Global Comparative study on the REDD+ programme in 8 countries: Brazil, Peru, Guyana, Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Vietnam, Indonesia and Myanmar.  The evaluation looked at priority setting, research design, implementation, and ongoing engagement processes and answered key questions including whether the project achieved intended outcomes and what lessons were learnt about policy engagement.

Another recent example is our work with Bonsucro, where we supported them in carrying out an analysis and creating an aggregated and anonymised report of their Continuous Improvement Report (CIR) member submissions for their 2020 data.

Since 2012, we have written and published Annual Progress Reports for and on behalf of the UK Roundtable on Sourcing Sustainable Palm Oil for UK industry every year.  The most recent report can be found on our UK Sustainable Palm Oil Initiative section.

We have also been monitoring, verifying and publishing the data in the UK Annual Progress Reports for Soy for and on behalf of the UK Roundtable on Sustainable Soy since 2018.  These reports can be found in our National Initiative tab, under the UK Sustainable Soy Initiative section.

Examples of our work at an European level include the 2019 and the 2020 European Palm Oil Monitor report, written for IDH and EPOA.  On a policy and programme level, we have assessed the impact and monitoring progress of policies such as EU FLEGT Action Plan and have worked with the Project Evaluation and Learnings Team for the UK government funded Forests, Governance, Markets and Climate (FGMC) programme.

We also have monitored and evaluated many global standards and policies, including an assessment of international palm oil standards, and an assessment of timber standards FSC and PEFC for compliance with timber procurement policies of governments and private companies.

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