We assist the private sector in interpreting, understanding, and complying with national and international policies and regulatory requirements. Our services include developing and implementing effective new sustainable commodity policies, commitments, and reviewing and improving existing ones. We provide expert advice for strategic workplan development and project planning on local, national, and international levels.

UK Soy Manifesto

As part of the UK Soy Manifesto, a collective industry commitment to work together to ensure all physical shipments of soy to the UK are deforestation and conversion-free, Efeca collaborates with 29 signatories (as of February 2022). These signatories, including feed manufacturers, retailers, livestock producers, and brands, represent nearly 2 million tonnes of soy, accounting for 60% of the UK’s estimated consumption. We work closely with them to align their policy commitments with sustainable practices.

COP26 FACT Dialogue

Since 2020, we have worked with the Tropical Forest Alliance (TFA) in facilitating the Multistakeholder track of the COP26 Forest, Agriculture and Commodity Trade (FACT) Dialogue. Convened by the UK Government during its COP26 Presidency, the FACT Dialogue as a Government to Government (G2G) dialogue on sustainable land use and trade in forest and agricultural commodities. The goal of the FACT Dialogue is for countries to work together to develop ambitious producer and consumer country-driven principles, commitments and roadmaps for action to promote trade and development while protecting forests. The wider Multistakeholder track involving dialogue at national and regional level and through a Global Multistakeholder Taskforce supported the G2G dialogue.

Other Policy Work

Political Economy Assessments

Conducted assessments on the forestry sectors in Gabon, Cameroon, and the Republic of Congo for ZSL.

EU Green Public Procurement (GPP) and Ecolabel Criteria

Undertook a project for the European Commission to evaluate potential requirements for wood-based products under the EU GPP and EU ecolabel criteria.

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