UK Sustainable Palm Oil Initiative

Efeca runs the UK Sustainable Palm Oil Initiative, including the industry-led UK Roundtable on Sourcing Palm Oil under the Partnerships for Forests programme.  To see some of the reports we have written for the Sustainable Palm Oil Initiative, please go to our Resources page.  For more information on our Palm Oil Communications Working Group, please go here.

Working with members to develop the goal and scope of the sustainable palm oil initiative, Efeca provides technical assistance to support member decision-making. This includes providing technical support to both private and public sector actors including training and awareness-raising (including of Government Buying Standards); facilitation of a communications working group, aiming to improve the narrative of sustainable palm oil, and preparation of an annual progress report. The most recent progress report shows that overall, 2018 UK purchases of palm oil supported by RSPO certification (not including RSPO credits) have increased by 83% (268,668 tonnes) since 2009.

To stimulate a shift in global market demand Efeca is working closely with other national platforms and programmes globally, for example in China and India. This includes the world’s first sustainable palm oil city project, in Chester.

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