Dorset Sustainable Palm Oil Community

The Dorset Sustainable Palm Oil Community is a new initiative offering tools, recognition and support to encourage a move towards sustainable palm oil – and it’s completely free of charge.

Using certified sustainable palm reduces deforestation and enhances biodiversity, in turn protecting orangutans, pygmy elephants, and other endangered and vulnerable species that inhabit these rich forest ecosystems. It also helps to improve the livelihoods of the 3 million smallholder families that depend on growing and harvesting palm for a living.

Many conservation organisations including the WWF agree that buying, using, and selling products that contain 100% certified sustainable palm oil would incentivise positive change within the industry, which is currently a key driver of deforestation in SE Asia. In 2019, Chester Zoo started the Sustainable Palm Oil Communities initiative. Since then, four other towns and cities have joined the project. With the support of Chester Zoo, Efeca aims to add Dorset to this list. However, we need your help to achieve this!

The Dorset Sustainable Palm Oil Community project encourages businesses, restaurants, schools and hospitals to find out where they source their palm oil from, and make changes where possible to ensure that they only use certified sustainable palm oil.

Although the hospitality industry will play a big role in increasing demand for sustainable palm oil, we aim to get representation from organisations in a variety of sectors across Dorset. Our objective is to recruit 50 Champions before the end of 2021, including:

See our Becoming a Champion page to find out how your business or organisation can get involved.

See our Palm FAQs page for more information about palm, its impacts, and the importance of using certified sustainable palm oil.

Visit our Resources page to learn about the Sustainable Palm Oil Communities project, and access other useful resources.

Alternatively, drop us an email at to talk with a member of the Efeca team!