Embedded Soy Working Group

Efeca facilitates the Embedded Soy Working Group as part of the UK Sustainable Commodities Initiative (UK SCI).  This group is focused on helping UK companies tackle the complicated issue of soy products entering the UK embedded in other products. The main example of this would be animal products entering the UK market which have been raised in other countries and fed soy products. The group has identified four priority areas for its work:

  1. Working to simplify supply chain complexity;
  2. Understanding the evidence required to comply with commitments on soy;
  3. Understanding cost implications; and
  4. Increasing supplier awareness of the issue.

The group is made up of UK and international retailers, food service companies, food manufacturers and associations. Many members of the group are also signatories or suppliers to signatories of the UK Soy Manifesto.

The UK imports animal products from many countries around the world and soy products are fed to livestock in most of these countries. Soybean meal is the most efficient source of protein for livestock and so is a key ingredient in animal diets globally. One of the initial actions of the group has been to prioritise origins and product types by assessing UK import data and members supply chains.

Current workstreams include assessment of and engagement with global certification schemes, engaging with other National Soy Initiatives through the European National Soy Initiative (ENSI) Platform and reaching out to specific priority origins directly to better understand their awareness and position on sustainable sourced soy products.

Many members have been trying to tackle the issue of embedded soy imports on their own and have welcomed this opportunity to discuss, share learnings, and collaborate on potential solutions. In global soy supply chains, UK importing companies do not generally represent a significantly large portion of the market.  However, by coming together, this group can increase its impact by working across UK supply chains and having a clear and uniform ask of their suppliers, certifications and other national initiatives.

For more information or to get involved, please contact the Efeca team at info@efeca.com.

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