Women in Sustainability Podcast

On the 8th March 2022 (International Women’s Day) Efeca announced the creation of a new podcast series: a platform for women’s voices in sustainability.

The 2022 UN theme for International Women’s Day, “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow,” sought to highlight the contribution of women and girls around the globe, who participate in their communities promoting on climate change adaptation, mitigation, and response, in order to build a more sustainable future for all.

At Efeca we would like to help celebrate and elevate the perspectives and work of women in our sector. Our aim is to showcase the role that women play in supporting sustainable livelihoods, climate change mitigation and creation of sustainable supply chains, and demonstrate how diverse and inclusive ways of working are an essential part of sustainable development.

Through this podcast series, shared monthly, we will hear from a range of inspirational women who work in sustainability across different sectors, geographies and commodity interests. As a platform for women’s voices, this podcast series will culminate in an open access virtual session, where the platform’s collection of stories, shared thoughts and reflections can be discussed and shared by all.

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Available episodes

Episode 1Frances Seymour is one of the world’s foremost authorities on sustainable development whose extensive research, leadership and management experience has given her a deep understanding of the environment-related opportunities and challenges facing developing countries. She is a WRI Distinguished Senior Fellow and advises on major initiatives including Global Forest Watch and the Food and Land Use Coalition, and prior to this was Director General of CIFOR.

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Episode 2 – Dr. Junzuo Zhang leads the China-UK Collaboration on International Forest Investment and Trade (InFIT) Programme, based in Beijing. The episode explores Junzuo’s early work researching the role of gender in sustainable development, the evolving role of women in policy creation and research and the importance and the need for women to be confident, to empower their engagement and drive this agenda forward.

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Episode 3 – Penny Davies is a recognized senior policy adviser having worked as the International Director for natural resources and climate change at the Ford Foundation, and Senior Forestry Adviser at FCDO (formerly DFID). Her work focuses on climate change, sustainable development, local communities and livelihoods, food security, gender, and youth, and she has worked with filmmakers and journalists in telling the stories of climate change and indigenous communities.

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Episode 4 – Carolina Brandao works for the World Economic Forum, leading the public sector engagement work for the Tropical Forest Alliance. She and Emily discuss the work of women in the policy space, the evolution over the years of women’s work in multi-stakeholder partnerships in leading dialogue and engagement, and ultimately delivering impact in the field of sustainability.

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Episode 5 -Bibi Gonzalez works to create change in food security, climate regeneration and human rights. Emily and Bibi discuss Bibi’s experience building her career and her insights on women working in the food security space. She is the founder of Eat Better Wa’ik, an organization in Guatemala devoted to reducing malnutrition through creative and inclusive education, economics, transformative agroforestry, consumption and technology.

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Episode 6 -Juliane Caillouette Noble is an educator and problem solver with a keen interest in how we learn, how we eat and how to make a difference in the systems that influence both. Emily and Juliane discuss the development of Juliane’s career (she is now Managing Director of the Sustainable Restaurant Association), as well as both the challenges and opportunities currently facing women working in sustainable hospitality and food sourcing.

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Episode 7 -Margot Logman is a specialist in nutrition and food supply chains and an expert facilitator, supporting strategic collaboration between companies and governments that influence how we source food more sustainably. Margot has worked with some of the world’s leading food companies and Emily and Margot talk about change around sustainability – through young people and their awareness, with NGOs, and companies realising it is vital for their business cases.

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More speakers will be announced in the weeks to come.

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