UK Sustainable Commodities Initiative

About the UK SCI

Efeca facilitates the UK Sustainable Commodities Initiative (UK SCI), a pre-competitive, cross-supply chain group convened by the UK Government. The collective goal is to achieve sustainable, resilient forest-risk commodity supply chains for the UK market.

Initially established as the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil in 2012, and expanding to include the Roundtable on Sustainable Soya in 2018, the group has evolved into the UK Sustainable Commodities Initiative. It now covers multiple commodities and thematic areas in response to increasing industry commitments and actions, as well as an evolving regulatory environment.

The UK SCI’s diverse membership includes representation from over 127 industry members, including major food and non-food trade associations, importers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers of commodities including palm oil, soya, cocoa, coffee and cattle.

The activities of the UK SCI are industry led, focusing on commodity specific supply chains, and exploring wider themes and challenges such as companies’ progress towards the decarbonisation, and achieving a living income within commodity supply chains.

The UK SCI also provides industry with a crucial link to UK government, enabling public-private partnerships and dialogue as incoming Due Diligence Regulation on Forest Risk Commodities is expected in the UK and the EU.

Role as Secretariat

As secretariat, Efeca convenes members to facilitate industry action, providing technical assistance, and establishing industry-led working groups to address sector specific challenges when appropriate. Current working groups include:

Foodservice Working Group

Oleochemicals Working Group

Embedded Soya Imports Working Group

Living Income Working Group

Coffee Working Group

Resource and Reporting

In addition to regular meetings and working groups, the UK SCI has established the Sustainable Commodities Resource Hub, with free tools and resources for companies at any stage in their sustainable sourcing journey wishing to progress their action and commitments. The UK SCI also produces annual progress reports on the UK’s use of sustainable palm oil and soy, which are publicly available.

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