UK Global Resource Initiative (GRI)

As part of the UK’s wider Partnerships for Forests Programme, Efeca is Secretariat to the Global Resource Initiative (GRI), launched by the government in 2019.

The ambition of the GRI is to establish the UK as a leader on supply chain sustainability. It seeks to ensure that the UK’s global commodity supply chain footprint on land, natural resources and ecosystems is sustainable, avoids deforestation and other environmental degradation, and supports jobs, livelihoods and investment in resilient and sustainable food systems.

Drawing on experience of running successful multi-stakeholder platforms and dialogue processes, Efeca acts as secretariat, preparing and facilitating CEO-level GRI Taskforce meetings and supporting five working groups.

Efeca also provides evidence-based research, supported by key stakeholder interviews to inform cross-government and Task Force discussions of recommendations that will achieve the GRI’s ambitions.

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