IFC PENSA 2 review, Sustainable Forestry Programme, Indonesia

P1010626Efeca was part of an expert team put together by Oxford Policy Management Ltd to assess the intervention logic, using the theory of change, to determine the sustainability of the impacts, with consideration to the effectiveness, relevance and efficiency of the Sustainable Forestry Programme. The review of the sustainable forestry project sought to gain an understanding of whether the project had succeeded or would succeed in addressing specific limiting factors and if so whether this resulted in transforming forest management practices on degraded land towards commercial and environmental sustainability.

The project focused on reviewing the potential for income generation from the sale of carbon, by assessing carbon stocks and potential revenues, and on assessments of high conservation value forest and land areas to be integrated as part of a sustainable forest management plan. It became apparent that the greatest obstacle to achieving sustainable forest management was the ongoing conflict with local communities over land ownership and access. Therefore, the IFC engagement was focused entirely on activities to resolve or reduce the risk of social conflict, through building capacity within the relevant organisation and the local community partner organisations.

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