Efeca working with TFA on the FACT (Forest, Agriculture and Commodity Trade) Dialogue

On 2 November 2021, World Leaders Day during COP26, 28 governments, representing 75% of global trade in key commodities that can threaten forests, signed up to a new Forest, Agriculture and Commodity Trade (FACT) Statement. This statement is part of a Roadmap of actions designed to deliver sustainable trade and reduce pressure on forests, including support for smallholder farmers and improving the transparency of supply chains.

Efeca has been supporting the multistakeholder track of the FACT (Forest, Agricultural and Commodity Trade) Dialogue co-chaired by the UK COP26 Presidency and Indonesian Government. Working with TFA (www.tropicalforestalliance.org), Efeca helped facilitate the Global Multistakeholder Taskforce of FACT  which ran alongside the government to government dialogue, ensuring all relevant parties had a voice and a space to contribute.

The FACT Dialogue aims to accelerate the transition towards more sustainable land use practices in a way that opens up new opportunities for investment, for jobs and livelihoods in forests, land use and agriculture, and to ensure that the economies which have a sustainable relationship with forests are the ones that thrive and grow.

Since February 2021, the multistakeholder track (including the Global Taskforce),  connected with more than 4000 people through an active communications action, across producers and consumers, globally, covering all forest and agricultural commodities, ensuring that it was a truly global, interactive process.  Participants included producer companies, consumer companies, growers, finance institutions, local farmers, foresters, forest communities and indigenous peoples, civil society organisations, academics, grassroots practitioners, global and local consumer brands, regional suppliers and processors.

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