About Efeca

Efeca provides expert advice and support to develop, implement, monitor, evaluate, and report on national and international policies, regulations, and private sector commitments, both voluntary and mandatory, for the sustainable and legal sourcing of natural resources. Our focus includes agricultural and forest commodities, with experience spanning over 30 countries.

Our Expertise


Efeca specialises in providing sustainable and legal sourcing solutions for a range of agricultural and forest commodities:


Efeca provides comprehensive support across various sectors, including:

Public Sector

Advising governments and regulatory bodies on policy development, implementation, and compliance monitoring for sustainable sourcing of commodities.

Private Sector

Assisting companies in developing and implementing sustainable sourcing strategies, certification processes, and supply chain transparency measures.


Conducting in-depth studies, assessments, and evaluations on environmental impacts, socio-economic aspects, and regulatory frameworks related to commodity sourcing.

Civil Society

Collaborating with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and community stakeholders to promote sustainable practices, ethical standards, and stakeholder engagement in commodity supply chains.


Our team’s extensive global experience and network of associates enable us to deliver tailored solutions that address complex sustainability challenges across diverse commodity sectors.

National Initiatives

Discover our involvement on National Initiatives, including:

UK Sustainable Palm Oil Initiative

Efeca plays a pivotal role in the UK Sustainable Palm Oil Initiative, collaborating with stakeholders across the palm oil supply chain to promote sustainable sourcing practices. We support the initiative through:

UK Sustainable Soya Initiative

As part of the UK Sustainable Soya Initiative, Efeca contributes expertise in sustainable sourcing and supply chain management for soya. Our involvement includes:

Reports and Resources

Check out our reports, including Annual Industry Reports and Briefing Notes

Annual Progress Reports and Briefing Notes for Palm Oil

Annual Progress Reports and Briefing Notes for Soya.

Global Resources Initiative (GRI) Reports

Final Recommendations Executive Summary (March 2020)

Final Recommendations Report (March 2020)

GRI Finance Report (July 2022)

Palm Oil Webinars

Annual Progress Reports and Briefing Notes for Palm Oil.

Efeca Resource Hub

Visit the Efeca Resource Hub – a central hub of information, tools and resources to help businesses source sustainable and legal commodities – especially those that can be linked to deforestation and conversion of natural habitats, such as palm oil and soya.