Trustee of Plan Vivo Foundation (PVF)

Founding Director, Emily Fripp is on the Board of Trustees of the Plan Vivo Foundation (PVF), a registered Scottish charity.  PVF has created a set of requirements for smallholders and communities wishing to manage their land more sustainably. The Plan Vivo Standard is a framework for Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) schemes for rural smallholders and communities dependent on natural resources for livelihoods. In the community-led design process, eligible activities (for generating Plan Vivo Certificates) include afforestation and agroforestry, forest conservation, restoration and avoided deforestation. Communities decide which land use activities (e.g. woodlots, agroforestry, forest conservation) will best address threats to local ecosystems and are of interest and value to them. Plan Vivo Certificates are environmental service certificates, each representing the reduction or avoidance of one metric tonne of carbon dioxide, plus livelihood and ecosystem benefits. They are generated and sold by Plan Vivo projects to support their activities.

Emily was a Trustee of The Proforest Initiative for 7 years up until 2023.

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