2019 IDH / EPOA European monitoring report for sustainable palm oil

In 2020, Efeca worked with IDH and EPOA on the 2019 European monitoring report for sustainable palm oil. The findings showed that some 86% of European palm oil imports was sustainable, which highlighted progress in the work towards closing the gap to reach 100% sustainable palm oil in Europe.  However, despite the encouraging overall outcome, the data showed that total import of palm oil increased but the volume of sustainable palm oil dropped.

For 2019, total palm oil import increased by 5%, but data showed only a 1% increase in RSPO physical certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO), a 7% decrease in RSPO and Independent Smallholder credits and a 1% drop in total RSPO volume.

The annual monitoring of sustainable palm oil import, executed since 2016 by both organizations, covers palm oil used in food, feed, and oleochemicals for EU28 countries and Switzerland. The report details the market uptake of certified sustainable palm oil in the EU in 2019, as well as offering information on other aspects of the trade of palm oil.

Infographic on 2019 IDH SPO monitoring report in Europe

[1] https://www.idhsustainabletrade.com/uploaded/2020/09/Sustainable-Palm-Oil-for-Europe-in-2019-EPOA-IDH.pdf 

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