CPET resources: Timber

As CPET, Efeca wrote and reviewed a number of guidance documents and reports to support timber suppliers and government buyers comply with the Timber Procurement Policy. 

The following documents can be found on the UK government website

Timber Procurement Advice Note (TPAN): comply with TPP provides guidance on what the TPP means for each stage of the public procurement process when purchasing timber and wood-derived products including how to comply, who is mandated to comply, what the requirements are and which products it applies to

Timber: definition of legal and sustainable stipulates details of what ‘legal’ and ‘sustainable’ mean in the context of the TPP

Forest certification schemes: validity checklist is a one page checklist on things you need to check, to make sure that the product is actually certified under Category A

Framework for evaluating category B evidence provides support to both procurement staff and suppliers on the provision and assessment of Category B evidence, reviewing criteria for evaluating supply chain management and forest management requirements and providing checklists for submission of information and evidence

Forestry supply chain: check category B evidence showing timber suppliers and public procurers how to gather category B evidence to show compliance with legal and sustainable criteria in Timber Procurement Policy (TPP)

Forest source: checking category B evidence for buyers and suppliers of timber to check whether a forest source is managed in a legal and sustainable way

In addition, as CPET, Efeca led the assessment of the forest certification schemes in 2015



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