ISEAL Efeca Final Synthesis Report Published

Developing Risk Profiling Methodologies – insights from financial services in the quantification of sustainability risk at different spatial scales

We are delighted to share this synthesis report, written by Efeca and Federica Chiappe for the ISEAL Alliance and aims to provide insights from a range of financial sector players in order to strengthen ISEAL members’ understanding of and approaches to sustainability risks.

To support the improvement of monitoring and assurance programmes of ISEAL members, ISEAL commissioned Efeca to conduct research on the methodologies used by the financial sector to assess sustainability risks (and how financial institutions approach complex sustainability risk profiling), in order to gain insights that can be transferred to ISEAL members to strengthen their understanding of how to use multiple sources of information to detect and verify sustainability risks both of certified entities, and at greater spatial scales.

Key learnings include:

Please find the full report here: Developing Risk Profile Methodologies.

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