A free webinar on alternatives to palm oil and support to a certified sustainable palm oil approach

Encouraging certified sustainable palm oil

Efeca would like to reiterate our support for certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO), in light of recent attention in the press on Iceland’s decision to remove palm oil from own-brand products.  As RSPO outlines in their response here, we believe that banning palm oil only displaces deforestation and exacerbates consumers’ confusion about palm oil sustainability.  Companies should work with the rest of the supply chain to promote the use of sustainable standards to improve the sustainability of the entire market.

In 2017, 75% of total palm oil imports to the UK was certified sustainable

Through the UK Roundtable (RT) on Sourcing Sustainable Palm Oil, Efeca continues to support UK businesses and government towards reaching our 2020 Commitment to source 100% CSPO.  Indeed, since 2009, the UK has increased purchases of CSPO by almost six-fold, and according to FEDIOL figures, the volume accounted for by imports of Identity Preserved, Segregated and Mass Balance CSPO (excluding PalmTrace and deriatives and finished goods) is 75% of total palm oil imports to the UK in 2017.  Through the RT, UK businesses will continue to explore the impact of UK trade globally and recognise how the choices of UK buyers can positively influence and support best practices ‘on the ground’.  By working with local actors and initiatives, it is possible to create global, sustainable, resilient supply chains.

Free webinar on the alternatives to palm oil 

To help inform stakeholders, Efeca will be offering a free webinar on the alternatives to palm oil entitled “The consquences of purchasing strategies for oils and fats with a focus on palm oil” covering some of the key sustainability issues related to oils and fats.  This will take place on Tuesday, 4th December 2018 at 11am.  Please email us at info @ efeca.com if you would like to join.

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