UK Roundtable Progress Report on Certified Sustainable Palm Oil

The 2016 Annual Progress Report (APR) on the consumption of Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) in the UK was commissioned by Efeca on behalf of the UK Roundtable on Sourcing Sustainable Palm Oil, an alliance within the industry dedicated to advancing the use of sustainable palm oil across the UK.

This annual report assesses the Roundtable’s progress in achieving the commitments outlined in the Amsterdam Commitment and will continue to be published annually until 2020. According to the APR, in 2016, UK palm oil purchases supported by RSPO certification models such as Mass Balance, Segregated, and Identity Preserved totalled 328,139 metric tonnes (excluding GreenPalm and derivatives and finished goods), accounting for 78% of total palm oil imports to the UK. This marks a 1% increase from 2015, indicating steady progress towards sustainability goals.

What the report covers

Key components of the report include an analysis of GreenPalm purchases by UK retailers and consumer goods manufacturers. It also examines the potential use of palm oil imported directly through European or international refiners, which is not fully captured in the current dataset. Furthermore, the report delves into specific challenges faced by three key UK sectors—Oleochemicals, Food Service, and Animal Feed—in terms of data collection, monitoring practices, and sustainable sourcing efforts related to certified sustainable palm oil.

Efeca’s recommendations in the report focus on closing the remaining 22% gap to achieve 100% sustainable sourcing by 2020. This involves enhancing monitoring and reporting mechanisms, particularly in sectors requiring additional support and technical assistance. The recommendations are informed by insights gathered from the annual stakeholder survey and discussions at recent Roundtable meetings, ensuring a collaborative and informed approach to advancing sustainability goals.