Reviewing the Implementation of the EU Timber Regulation: Insights for the European Commission

Efeca, in collaboration with consortium partners Indufor and the University of Padova, played a pivotal role in supporting the European Commission’s review of the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) during its initial two years of implementation. This comprehensive project included assessing the performance of monitoring organisations and developing Biennial Report formats to enable Competent Authorities (CAs) across Member States to report on EUTR implementation to the EC.

One of the primary tasks undertaken by Efeca was organising stakeholder consultations across Member States. These consultations provided a platform for stakeholders to contribute their perspectives on the application and effectiveness of the EUTR. This feedback was integral in shaping subsequent strategies to enhance monitoring and implementation efforts.

As part of the review process, the consortium compiled a detailed report based on Member States’ Biennial reports and additional data, such as trade statistics. This review report served as critical input for the EC’s effectiveness review of the EUTR, published on 18 February 2016. It highlighted progress made in implementing the regulation while identifying key challenges that needed addressing.

The review underscored significant disparities in the types and severity of sanctions imposed for EUTR infringements across Member States. It also highlighted varying interpretations and enforcement practices among Competent Authorities, indicating a need for greater harmonisation. Insufficient resources allocated to CAs emerged as a major obstacle hindering effective enforcement.

Despite challenges, the review report noted a positive trend among EU operators, who increasingly demonstrated compliance with EUTR due diligence requirements. However, implementation and compliance levels varied within the private sector, suggesting ongoing efforts were needed to achieve uniform adherence across all operators.

Efeca’s involvement in this critical review process reflects our commitment to promoting sustainable practices and regulatory compliance within the timber sector. By providing expert analysis and strategic recommendations, we supported the EC in strengthening the EUTR framework to ensure transparent and responsible timber trade practices across Europe.



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