Sky’s EUTR Due Diligence Support

Efeca partnered with the media company Sky to conduct a comprehensive EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) Due Diligence Risk Assessment focused on a selection of packaging products. The EUTR mandates that companies and their suppliers ensure compliance with regulations governing the use of wood-based materials in packaging within the European Community (EC). This includes rigorous due diligence to verify the legality of timber sources and adherence to sustainability standards.

The project involved Efeca reviewing information provided by suppliers of various packaging products. Our team meticulously assessed the risk associated with these materials, considering factors such as the origin of timber, compliance with EUTR requirements, and adherence to responsible sourcing practices. Based on this assessment, Efeca provided detailed recommendations to Sky on mitigation activities and strategies to enhance compliance and sustainability within their supply chain.

Efeca’s expertise in sustainable trade and responsible sourcing extends beyond this project with Sky. As a consortium partner, Efeca contributed significantly to the European Commission’s project ‘Reviewing the Implementation of the EU Timber Regulation for the EC‘. This initiative aimed to evaluate and strengthen the enforcement and effectiveness of the EUTR across member states.

Moreover, Efeca has a proven track record of providing tailored consulting advice on responsible sourcing and sustainable trade practices to large multinational corporations. Our clients have included prominent companies such as Kingfisher, Unilever, and Samsung Electronics. We support these organisations in navigating regulatory frameworks, implementing robust due diligence systems, and promoting sustainable use of natural resources across their operations.

For organisations seeking expert guidance on EUTR compliance, responsible sourcing, or sustainable trade practices, Efeca offers tailored consulting services tailored to meet specific needs and regulatory requirements. Our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship underscores our approach in delivering impactful solutions to our clients.