Efeca co-authors CIFOR paper on VPAs and REDD+ benefit sharing

Efeca Director, Emily Fripp explores in a CIFOR paper how the experiences gained through Voluntary Partnership Agreements (VPAs) can be used to build credibility and trust through effective benefit sharing mechanisms.

Writing with CIFOR’s Cecilia Luttrell, the experience of FLEGT Voluntary Partnership Agreements offer several lessons on how to design benefit sharing mechanisms under REDD+ so that they build credibility and trust among the potential recipients of REDD+ benefits. The paper focuses on lessons for three specific design aspects of REDD+ benefit-sharing mechanisms: (i) the balance between state and non-state actors in the architecture of benefit-sharing mechanism institutions; (ii) the role of civil society organisations in monitoring; and (iii) the design of multi-stakeholder processes.

Read the full paper here.  To see the full CIFOR collection click here.

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