Palm and palm kernel oil use in the oleochemical sector

As part of our palm oil programme of support to the UK industry, Efeca recently published a briefing note on palm and palm kernel oil use in the oleochemical sector..

Oleochemical manufacturers in the UK use palm oil and palm kernel oil and their derivatives to create ingredients for personal care and cleaning products. This note outlines the complexities in the derivatives supply chain, explains why sustainable palm-based derivatives have been difficult to source in the past. It also describes the market structure and some of the key market dynamics, before looking in more detail at the CSPO policies of many of the key players in the oleochemical, personal care, and cleaning product manufacturing sectors. This analysis sheds some light on the current state of awareness and action in the industry on sourcing CSPO.

Many of the key players in the oleochemical sector have set clear timelines to achieve certified sustainable physical flows for the home and personal care industry, with many companies committing to source 100% physical RSPO certified materials in the near future. Clear labeling to consumers may help to drive uptake and bring all manufacturing players up to speed.

Please see the report for greater detail.

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