Food service and palm oil – Efeca helps TUCO understand supply chain

Efeca has recently been commissioned by The University Caterers Organisation (TUCO) to create a short report detailing the credentials of TUCO’s palm oil suppliers, with the aim of supporting TUCO in developing RSPO group accreditation.

The report highlights that during the initial assessment of 120 suppliers, few had a publicly available statement and/or policy on sustainable palm oil (SPO) and even fewer were an RSPO member.

Further, on a more in-depth analysis of 20 key palm oil suppliers; a high level of misunderstanding was portrayed surrounding both CSPO and RSPO membership and certification, emphasising the need for greater knowledge on this topic.

Efeca also provided some short and long-term recommendations to TUCO in proceeding with their journey to certification which can be found within the report.

If you would like additional information on the food service sector or sustainable palm oil, please contact us at

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