Efeca establishes UK SCI Living Income Working Group

The UK Sustainable Commodities Initiative (UK SCI) and its industry forum was established to develop sustainable and resilient UK commodity supply chains, whilst driving a positive global impact. Initially its focus has been to ensure UK supply chains are free of deforestation and conversion, and increasingly this is also now being addressed globally through regulation in markets including the UK and EU.

As part of the UK SCI’s aim to ensure UK supply chains positively impact people and planet, its remit expanded in 2023 beyond a focus on deforestation and conversion to also capture social issues associated with supply chains of a wide range of forest risk commodities.

In collaboration with industry and UK government, the UK SCI is exploring how British companies can ensure their supply chains deliver a living income to producers, through engagement with partners and a working group of companies from the cocoa sector who are industry leaders in raising the profile of living income on the global sustainability agenda.

In addition, Efeca is producing resources to support the strengthening of company policies and achieving mass market uptake of best practice, including a living income factsheet, an action guide, and commodity specific briefings.

If you would like to learn more or get involved, please contact info@efeca.com.

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