European Space Agency – mapping peat distribution from space

Peat Spotter project

Working with Rezatec on a European Space Agency (ESA) funded feasibility project, Efeca assessed the feasibility of delivering a cost efficient, reliable and scalable application, provisionally named “Peat Spotter”, of the Rezatec global service for mapping peatland distribution and estimating and measuring the carbon stored therein, which enables the trade of peat carbon credits.

We provided field level ground-truthing support in Indonesia, verification of data and assisted in project coordination and management.

Ninsar Sustainable Supply Chain Platform

Following the success of the feasibility study, we are now working with Rezatec to help businesses better manage their land-based assets by making use of Earth Observation (EO) imagery and data available.  In addition to continuing mapping peatland in Indonesia, we are working on two demonstration projects in the UK – one with a large water company, and the other in the Scottish Highlands.  The consortium has developed a unique landscape intelligence platform called Ninsar aggregating large amounts of data from satellites, airborne and ground instruments, applying relevant modelling and using mapping, measuring and monitoring techniques to provide critical decision support for their customers.

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