Palm Communications Working Group

Through our Roundtable on Sourcing Sustainable Palm Oil, Efeca has established a Palm Oil Communications Working Group to provide clear and positive messaging around the multiple policies, commitments and initiatives on sustainable palm oil.

The desired aim of the group is to demonstrate UK leadership by working collectively across the supply chain, strengthening the narrative on sustainable palm oil and creating a consistent and aligned message of achieving 100% CSPO by 2020 and beyond – in line with the Amsterdam Declaration.

As the facilitator of the Communications Working Group, Efeca will act as the central point for sharing positive communications on behalf of the UK palm oil industry and roundtable, providing key sources of information and websites to visit to learn more about sustainable palm oil. The ‘Educational Resources’ section below offers links to relevant tools, information packs and learning resources.

For information on the UK Sustainable Palm Oil Initiative, go to National Initiatives and Platforms, and then Sustainable Palm Oil Initiative.  Our Resources section includes briefing notes and annual progress reports for both sustainable palm oil and sustainable soya.