Launch: UK Roundtable on Sustainable Soya

The UK Roundtable on Sustainable Soya was launched on March 19th at The Royal Society in London, attended by more than 35 national and international food businesses and associations involved in the consumption of soya in the UK.

Major UK retailers and food industry associations have asked for government support in convening key industry stakeholders to address growing concerns about the link between soya and tropical deforestation. The UK’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) will convene the UK Roundtable on Sustainable Soya. Efeca was engaged to facilitate these efforts through the UK’s investment in the Partnerships for Forests programme, which catalyses investment in sustainable land use and forests, while supporting the creation of an enabling environment and demand-side pull for deforestation-free commodities.

The Roundtable will provide a ‘pre-competitive’ forum for companies and industry associations to work together, with the support of Government, towards a sustainable soya supply chain for the UK. The Roundtable builds on the growing imperative for action from business and the high-level political support for accelerated progress on the sustainability of agricultural commodities.

The Roundtable will link to and learn from global efforts to develop sustainable soya supply chains to achieve a mass market move to secure, resilient, sustainable soya. It will also learn from the success of the UK Roundtable for Sourcing Sustainable Palm Oil. Imports of sustainable palm oil have risen significantly since this roundtable was established in 2012.

For more information, see the full briefing.

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