How does a weblink about log cabins = a Pizza day for a group of kids??

Just by reading this page, you are making a group of really cool kids very happy!  So, how does a link to a page all about log cabins have anything to do with pizzas?  Well…  

Efeca was contacted by Rachel Martin, a volunteer at a youth centre with a very special group of children.  They were talking about log cabins because they are going to try to build one as a fun outdoor project with their maintenance department.  Two of the boys, George and Kenneth, found a brilliant web page all about log cabins – the different corners and the types of tools that can be used to make log cabins –  and asked that we share it on our website.

Rachel is teaching them that by reaching out and simply asking others, things can be accomplished that the boys might not otherwise think can.  And very importantly, the whole group gets a pizza day if we have lots of visitors to this page.  So please share with everyone you know, so that George, Kenneth and all the other children at the Learning Haven have their pizza day.