Emily sails across the world

emily sailing reziedA 4.5 month exhilarating journey took me from London to Airlie Beach in Queensland, Australia, via Brazil and South Africa, sailing more than 20,000 nautical miles, crossing 4 oceans, including the Bass Strait three times.  On board the boat Da Nang Viet Nam with the only female skipper, Australian Wendy (Wendo) Tuck, I experienced the most amazing journey of my life.  The past few months have seen me living on board a boat with up to 20 other people, sleeping in shifts of 4 and 6 hours, sailing in all conditions from zero wind to storm force winds and massive waves.

The waves, wilderness, being miles from any place, boat or person (apart from the other crew), with whales, dolphins and albatrosses, was stunning and exhilarating. There were times when I was scared, but these were outnumbered by the times when the awesomeness of the whole thing took over.  Quite simply it is an experience unlike anything else and something that I will treasure forever. There are a few occasions that stick in my mind – the storm leaving Cape Town, whales and albatrosses, seeing Australia (land) after 3 weeks of seeing nothing but the sea, and of course being on the winning boat in the fleet for the Sydney-Hobart 2015 race.emily sailing resized 2

The last 24 hours of that race had me feeling slightly sick with nervous excitement, with blue clear skies, constant wind, hundreds of dolphins dancing around us as we pass the southern part of Tasmania with only a few hours to go, with perfect sailing conditions, it felt almost too good to be true. The best day of sailing in my life. Topped with securing the podium position.  Words don’t do justice to the feeling that I had.  What a way to top off my 4.5 months of sailing around the world!



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