Come join the Dorset Sustainable Palm Oil Community!

Please join us and help Dorset become the world’s first sustainable palm oil county.

Climate change and environmental issues are regularly in the news. One of the big issues is around palm oil and deforestation.

Unsustainable production of palm oil is wiping out huge areas of rainforest in order to provide the ingredients for food and household products consumed in the UK and around the world. Palm oil is in about 50% of all goods found in a UK supermarket. However, if everyone demanded sustainable palm oil – which is produced in a sustainable way that is good for people, the planet and reduces the impact of climate change – that would send a big message to all palm oil producers, manufacturers and retailers.

Efeca is a Dorset- based company, who has worked alongside governments, civil society, and private companies in over 30 countries to help encourage sustainable trade and responsible sourcing. We run the UK Sustainable Palm Oil Initiative and Roundtable.

Now we are keen to work with our local community to help drive change at home.

The Dorset Sustainable Palm Oil Community is a new initiative helping organisations, businesses, schools and lots of others make the switch to sustainable palm oil, for free. We would really like it if you joined us.  If you are already only use sustainable palm oil, you can still join.

Palm oil is likely to be in many of the food products that is served in canteens, schools, kiosks, restaurants, cafes and takeaways.  We are asking people to be part of the solution, and with other businesses, help drive the sustainable production and consumption of the products that we use in Dorset.

Almost 100 globally-renowned conservation organisations including WWF, Conservation International, The Jane Goodall Institute, Save the Rhino, as well as my personal hero, David Attenborough in his documentary Our Planet, advocate for sustainable palm oil and believe that a blanket boycott of palm oil will not help.  Check out this statement, written in Sept 2021, for more details.

The initiative is about switching to sustainable palm oil and asking your suppliers to only supply sustainable palm oil.  There are so many easily available options to switch to sustainable palm oil and they shouldn’t cost any more than your current prices for food products and ingredients. We have free toolkits and resources to help you at every stage of the switch.

If you’re interested to learn more about the Dorset Sustainable Palm Oil Community project, email us at

Send a positive message to your customers, your employees, your students and your community that you are doing something to reduce the impact of climate change.

The initiative has been written about in the local Dorset Echo – and was on BBC Radio Solent West Dorset on 30th September 2021 to discuss it all.

For more information, go here on our website, where you’ll find our Palm Oil FAQs page, and a step-by-step guide on how to become a Sustainable Palm Oil Champion.

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