Brexit and our forests

Indonesia-6-371-1024x768As the international Efeca team watch consequences of the UK’s EU Referendum unfold, we continue to focus our efforts on supporting improved governance and trade in key producer and consumer countries around the world.

It is too early to comment on how significant the effects of Brexit could be for our forests at a sectoral, regional, or even producer level. Market slowdowns and delays in investment could adversely affect responsible producers; as could uncertainty in regulation and policy. Whilst we echo many commentators concerns, there is reason to be optimistic. Solutions can be found by working together with policy makers, business and civil society, to respond to the challenges presented by Brexit and strengthen the private and public sectors commitment to responsible sourcing of forest and agricultural commodities. This could include working with key governments, NGOs, think tanks and suppliers to understand risks and potential threats, and harness them as an opportunity for securing supply chains grounded in responsible management. Now is the time to continue to work together to build strong resilient policies and supply chains, with robust producers committed to responsible management.

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