INFiT: supporting cooperation between the UK and China

IMG_0412Efeca has been working with the UK Department for International Development (DFID) to support coordination between the UK and China to reduce negative impacts of China’s international trade in timber products and other commodities grown on forest lands through forest degradation by eliminating illegal timber harvesting, and developing codes of practice that promote sustainable management practices.

The China-UK Collaboration on the International Forest Investment and Trade Programme (INFiT) is working in particular on:

  1. creating a Chinese Timber Legality Verification System (CTLVS) to meet the demands of China’s key trade partners,
  2. the development of voluntary guidelines for Chinese companies engaged in timber industries and production of forest-based commodities ,
  3. sharing lessons from China’s forest tenure reform process, including supportive mechanisms to improve farmers’ livelihoods, with developing countries and
  4. promoting capacity development to ensure compliance with international and domestic timber legality requirements including the EUTR.

This is a project funded from DfID’s Forest, Governance, Markets and Climate programme.

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