Announcement: Ninsar Sustainable Supply Chain Platform

rezatec-crop-squareNinsar Sustainable Supply Chain Platform is a proven management tool for buyers and suppliers to monitor and measure progress in sustainable production commitments.

Developed by Rezatec and Efeca, the Ninsar Platform combines satellite imagery with expert analysis to build a picture of the real-time and historical impacts of production, in far greater detail than traditional techniques allow. The tool is based on four years of development in the forestry, agricultural and energy sectors, with support from the European and United Kingdom Space Agencies.

Using imagery from space, commodity buyers, producers, consumer goods manufacturers and retail brands will be able to measure policy compliance towards sustainable land use goals such as Zero Net Deforestation. They can understand land use changes linked to productivity, hydrology, soil content, vegetation cover, management activities, fire, and infrastructure, informing management on a real-time basis. The Ninsar Platform engages with all satellite imagery providers to ensure the most appropriate local data is utilised to accurately measure user progress in meeting sustainability commitments.

As an added service, indicators can be used to highlight compliance risk for an array of environmental and social issues, providing significant value for money when compared to fieldwork. These can include certification requirements, such as RSPO Next, FSC and PEFC and carbon standard certifications, as well as input data into High Carbon Stock, High Conservation Value, and Environmental and Social Impact assessments.


Rezatec provides machine learning driven data analysis and forecasting of satellite and radar data, and Efeca provides strategic guidance on sustainability commitments and policy requirements, helping buyers interpret progress of production sites against overarching policy commitments. Until now, companies could only rely on expensive and time-consuming ground-truthing to verify sustainable management. This proven revolutionary tool will allow unprecedented intelligent land use management and allow companies to demonstrate compliance with their commitments.

For more information about Ninsar, please see our information sheet.