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Emily Fripp

Emily Fripp

Emily is the Managing Director of Efeca and has worked for 15 years in the field of natural resource economics, specialising in sustainable use and trade of natural resources in particular timber and related products; in supporting policy dialogue and its effective implementation; and managing large complex global programmes. Having lived and worked in over 20 countries, Emily has extensive global networks in both the public and private sectors.

Emily works on a wide range of sectors and initiatives, including REDD, climate change mitigation and the EU  Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Action Plan.  She is currently an Adviser to United Bank of Carbon providing support on forest policy, compliance with standards, benefit sharing and monitoring. She has been actively engaged in the EU FLEGT Action Plan since its inception in 2001, focusing on issues of illegal logging production and trade, supply chain management and meeting market and policy requirements such as EU Due Diligence Regulation.  Prior to establishing Efeca, she was the manager of the EU Timber Trade Action Plan from 2006 to 2009 and Director of the Donor Programme for The Forest Trust (TFT).

Emily has experience in:

  • Forest governance and climate change
  • Environmental and forest economics
  • Valuation of ecosystem services of national parks and forest concessions
  • Responsible purchasing policies for public and private sectors
  • Training and capacity building, running roadshows and workshops
  • Managing large and complex programmes


“Emily is always professional, positive, works well with people from all walks of life and is a real pleasure to work with. A first rate programme manager and someone you can trust to deliver.”

Steve Howard, CEO
The Climate Group

“I’ve know Emily for 10 years and fully support the work of Efeca

Andy Roby,
EU VPA Advisor, Indonesia

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